Who We Are


CrossFit Watch City is a gym that focuses on quality of movement over intensity. We are a gym with a focus on strength.


Our main instructor led group program is very diverse and our powerlifting program will get you unbelievably strong. We coach you through lots of different movements and keep your technique solid the entire time.


Our coaching and personal training are uniquely effective through great communication and attention to detail.


You don't need to already be in shape to join us - you just need the will to improve and a belief that fitness is a priority worth fighting for. We'll guide you through the rest.

What To Expect


Expect a challenging yet very rewarding experience. Every day is a new workout, so it never gets boring. Our program gets you physically fit and mentally tough like nothing else you have experienced.


Expect to make new friends. Our community is strong and supportive. We sweat, push, and laugh together, and we never give up.


Expect to surprise yourself. We'll take you beyond your goals to places you never thought you'd reach. Then we'll keep going.


What Makes Us Tick


Mechanics first, intensity second: This is not a place where you're encouraged to get the workout done by any means necessary. Egos are left at the door.


Community centered results: We are stronger as a group than we ever could be alone. This is a place where people are encouraged to be themselves while constantly seeking to improve.


Do what works: We do CrossFit and also borrow from any other discipline that gives functional results - from Pilates to suspension training and beyond.