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411 Waverley Oaks Road #136, Waltham, MA 02452 781.330.0285

Alex Ramos

If anyone has ever been around Al, you know that he is always eager and willing to help. Whether that’s technical advice on movements or helping organize events, he’s without doubt one of the friendliest and most dedicated members at CFWC. His strength, fitness, and physique accomplishments speak for themselves.

Chrissy Florio

Chrissy is a long standing member of the CFWC community who needs little introduction. From winning our recent Paleo Challenge to her dominance on our gym benchmark board, you will be hard pressed to find a harder working athlete. She is a role model for everyone at the gym, men and women alike, and this spotlight is a small glimpse into her achievements and personality.

Rita Diradourian

Rita is a long time member of the CFWC community who has stayed humble and determined since day one. When she first showed up she was doing pushups on her knees and deadlifting using the 15lb training bar. Now she is one of the best at handstand pushups and dedicates an entire day each week just to heavy deadlifting. She is quiet but fierce and will only settle for giving her absolute best.

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