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411 Waverley Oaks Road #136, Waltham, MA 02452 781.330.0285
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1. What made you decide to join a gym?

I had tried a number of gyms over the years leading up to the time I joined Crossfit Watch City. I went to a

number of “regular gyms” that were free to join and only $10 or $20 a month. They sounded fine at the

time, but I found myself never going, and when I did go, I just kind of wandered around with no real plan. I

would get on the treadmill for a bit, hop on a couple machines, or use the dumbbells. I remember a few

times going to the gym for five minutes and walk out because I was tired or “wasn’t feeling it today.” I was

bored and could not stay motivated, but it was only $10 a month so it didn’t really matter that I didn’t go.

There was no accountability. I knew that I needed to switch things up, and that was when I discovered


2. Why did you pick CFWC?

I am married with two children, and with a busy family schedule, it was difficult to

dedicate time to working out before or after work. When I saw that CFWC has a noon class, I thought it

made sense to at least give it a shot. When I signed up for my foundations, I was a bit nervous. I really

didn’t know much about Crossfit or what to expect, but was amazed at the knowledge level of the

coaches and how comfortable they made all of us feel in those foundations classes. I was also able to

see some of the current members completing a workout and was impressed by the comradery and the

intensity level of the entire group. That is when I knew that CFWC was the place for me.

3. What keeps you motivated?

When I first started at CFWC, I was close to 240 pounds and wore a size 38 jeans that barely fit. I was in

the worst shape of my life. I grew up playing sports and even played hockey in college, so I was always

fairly athletic. However, with two small children, life can get busy and I hadn’t had much time to do

anything. I also work in an office and sit at a desk all day, so I really wasn’t getting any exercise. I even

stopped playing men’s league hockey because my back hurt too much, and I had trouble keeping pace

with all the younger guys on the ice. I remember going to my doctor a few years back for a routine exam,

and one of the comments on his report said “obesity.” I think that was my initial motivation for starting


I remember saying “I really need to get in shape” to myself about a million times in the past, but saying it

and actually doing it are two different things. To be able to get into the best shape of my life at age 39 is a

pretty incredible feeling. I know the work that it took to get me here, so I guess my main motivation is

maintaining how I feel right now.

4. What are your current goals?

One of my goals right now is to workout 5-6 days a week. I am playing hockey again, so if I have a game I

will usually skip Crossfit that day. I also try to get in a rest day every week, but usually set aside some

time that day to work on mobility – do some stretching or foam rolling. I have also been focusing on my

diet a lot more. I think getting involved with CrossFit has really led to good habits. If I know I have a tough workout

the next day, I make sure I’m eating the right things, getting enough sleep, passing on the beer or wine,

etc. It creates almost a snowball effect that helps in all aspects of life.

I usually don’t set specific goals in terms of how much weight I want to lift or how fast I can complete a

particular WOD. What I try to do is just improve every week and give 100% effort on every workout.

Coach Rob always says “surprise yourself”. It is amazing to see how many times that happens every

week. I am doing things now that I would never think were possible a couple of years ago.

I am also committed to improving my form on the Olympic lifts. I think if you focus on form with a

reasonable weight, it will eventually translate well when you move to heavier weights. So that has been

something that I have been working on. I’ve been doing this a while, but I still get tips from many of the

coaches on how to improve on certain movements. It a continuous learning process.

5. What’s your proudest achievement?

There are several achievement that I am proud of since I started Crossfit. I have lost almost 40 pounds

and fit into a size 33 jeans. That is a pretty good feeling. I haven’t worn a size 33 since high school. I ran

a 5K in 21:53. I can power clean more than my body weight (I still suck at them, but I’m getting better). I

can string together 75 double-unders when I couldn’t do one a year ago. I recently completed DT (one of

the hero workouts) in 15:25, and Annie in 7:30. There are too many of those small achievements to list,

but the thing I’m most proud of is that I committed to this and have stuck with it for two and a half years

and counting. It has truly been a life changing experience for me, and look forward to another 2 and half

years and beyond at Crossfit Watch City.

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