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411 Waverley Oaks Road #136, Waltham, MA 02452 781.330.0285
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Why Personal Training? 

Personal training  at our Waltham gym is a great option for people who have specific goals or unique needs. Or maybe you just prefer a more private experience to a group. You will not find more knowledgeable or personable trainers anywhere else.

It’s all about you.  

Every aspect of the program design is based on what your goals and individual needs are. That means the intensity is uniquely adapted for you. The exercises are all in line with your goals. The meal plan we create is effective for you specifically. There is no one size fits all. No time spent doing anything that is not in line with your goals.

CrossFit is a great value and will improve anyone’s general fitness. The group environment works for a lot of people.  But nothing quite compares to the results you’ll get when you start a personal training relationship with a CFWC coach. If you play a sport, our coaches have collegiate and club experience in several different disciplines to improve your game. Call or stop by the gym in Waltham to learn more.

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Top notch personal training is a significant investment in your health. Start by filling out our New Client Form. Then come by and speak with us in person about your goals and what you want to accomplish. After that we can discuss rates, volume discounts, etc.

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Personal training sessions can also help you get better at particular skills or areas of your fitness. An hour session is perfectly suited to getting your Functional Movement Screen and a nutritional consultation too. In fact every new client starts with the FMS to identify movement and mobility restrictions. This combo will improve anyone’s fitness program, CrossFit or otherwise. Remote? Too busy to come by? Ask us about our online coaching and personal training. We can connect via Skype to help you no matter where you are.


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