CrossFit Watch City is instructor-led, constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity. We work out hard and we work out together. Learn more
Classes are one hour long and we guide you through every step of the way. We watch you perform the movements prescribed, offering suggestions and ways to improve along the way. It’s like being on a sports team.
Absolutely not!  We can adapt any workout for any fitness level. For example, if you can’t do pullups, we can have you do assisted or jumping pullups instead.  We’re welcoming of any and all people who want to improve themselves.
CrossFit is generally more conducive  to burning fat and increasing strength than packing on muscle. However, if growth is your goal, an appropriate nutrition plan, which we can help you with, can get you there.
While any intense physical activity has injury risk, we strive to be one of the safest CrossFit gyms around. We place considerable emphasis on movement standards, scaling, and mechanics, and will gladly take a hit to our egos and scores rather than to our bodies.
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630am FMS2